The Leader I Have Become-A Reflective Report

A true leader is one who takes decisions on his own but not for his own benefit but for his team as well.

The act of leading the team with honesty and the right way is known as leadership.  A leader leading a group has to be very humble, honest, accountable and must take up responsibilities. Having a vision is what makes a good leader. Leading a team with a vision to change is very important as this not only benefits him but also the organization as a whole in achieving its targets.

The kind of leader I would be is a democratic one. In democratic type of leadership, the team member are bought into the decision making process as well. Their ideas and thoughts are welcome which helps the leader in having a better view of things. It is possible at times that a leader might get stck at certain difficult points. I have always been a democratic leader and one example to show here would be that I am a football player and have captained my school team. What I learned during my captaincy was that involving and working as a team helps in introducing new ideas and brings new innovation to the team. At this stage not only does the team try to find a way but makes sure they find a way by planning and discussing it together. They actually feel valued and involved and they are bound to care about the end result as well.

The leader who has inspired me a lot would be none other than the great business legend Ratan Tata. His climb to the top has been fascinating. It is his sincerity and devotion to the work that has bought him to the level he is today .As a kid he had to go through the hard time of his parents’ separation which lead to his grandparents taking care of him. He made sure his education levels were high by attending the prestigious Harvard Business School. While he succeeded his uncle and took over as chairman of Tata group he did have a hard time during his first 3 to 4 years. Ever since then it has been seen that he bought the company upto a very reputed level. It is seen that he has adopted the democratic style of leadership. He is known to discuss his ideas and plans with his employees till date.  He encourages their plans and ideas leading in their development as well.

Tata has become a powerhouse in today’s world. Some famous points are

  1. Takeover of Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford motors
  2. They were the first company to cross 1 billion dollars in revenue back in 2002
  3. Famous Singaporean steel company NatSteel was taken over in 2005
  4. They introduced the car NANO. A very affordable car for the people with moderate income.
  5. The company made a breakthrough in 2011 to the top 50 global brands.


My colleagues have always commented on my positive ways of interaction with my team members. They have always encouraged me through their negative and positive feedbacks. Being a democratic leader I have always welcomed their suggestions and feedbacks. The negative part they have pointed out was that of my time to take decisions at times. I have always had difficulty in reaching a conclusion in a very fast manner. With their help as well as help from my tutor and the classes I have attended with practical team games played during the classes I believe I have been able to overcome this.


The power to take important decisions and think in a wider sense will be the skills I’m trying to develop during the course. As I have mentioned before the problem of getting to a conclusion at a very fast rate has been solved. I’m sure by the time I finish my course I will be able to become a very good and decisive leader.


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6 thoughts on “The Leader I Have Become-A Reflective Report

  1. An excellent choice of making Ratan Tata as your role. What kind of leadership has Ratan Tata adapted to transform Tata Group of companies to a leading enterprise? Please justify our answer.

  2. excellent blog on leadership. . The example you have used is splendid. (Ratan Tata) which emphasize India and the indian legends in business. .

  3. very good points are presented with cogent examples and meticulous research on the subject can be clearly seen. a very good work .

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