Effective Leadership Style To Managing The Subordinates

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A leader in simple terms is someone who leads a team or group by commanding. Leadership is a method of leading a group or a team by influencing them socially which helps them in being completely potential in achieving targets by maximizing their skills. Leadership is not based on authority, power or tasks put on forcefully on people.

Leadership is based on a lot of various things. It is very good vision that makes a person a very good leader. A very good leadership is a way of having a good vision that leads to useful and productive change be it among a team or in an organization. It also depends on the behavior rather than just attributes. He or she must be able to inspire trust and loyalty.

Difference between Leadership and management –

  1. A manager maintains what has been carried on by the organization. A leader brings innovation for ways of achieving objectives.
  2. A manager mainly controls and relies mainly on it. A leader mainly inspires trust among his members.
  3. A manager does the things that has to be done right but a leader concentrates on doing the right thing in his own style

There are various styles of leadership. One of the widely used type of leadership these days is the democratic style of leadership. In this style it involves increasing morale and creation of buy-ins through a lot of interactions. In this type others are also made part in decision making. Here they also given the power to make decisions rather than the leaders taking the decision all by themselves. An example to highlight this would be a case study from the book Primal Leadership, Learning to lead with emotional Intelligence .the case study focused on how a private catholic school had to shut down due to its very low income. Even though the school had to shut down eventually, the case study shows how the problem was dealt with. Sister Mary who was in charge of the school, instead of sending out and letting the faculty know about the closing days, she discussed the situation with her faculty and took their views and solution methods into consideration. She also made sure she had taken the views of the parents as well. Even though the school still shut down, what we see here is that everybody was part of the process. Not only did this increase their morale by creative thinking but this also lead to everyone working together to find an appropriate solution.

The next style to point out would be the transactional style. In this type the managers are seen to be receiving certain goals and targets and can praise their subordinates or can even punish them if not met efficiently. In this type, both the leader and the members of the team set goals together and the members come in terms with the leader agreeing to follow his or her directions and rules to complete the task. Here, the leader reviews the work done by the members and can even correct them, give bonuses or punish them according to their accomplishment of their tasks.

Autocratic would be the other style to be brought into view.  In terms of autocratic the leader alone takes decisions and the members are required to work according to his views. This type of leadership is usually opposed by employees who thrive well placing ideas in groups.

Transformational style depends on high communication. Here the leaders communicate with the members at all times to enhance and increase their efficiency. The leaders deal with the big targets in an organization and the smaller tasks are given to the subordinates.

The best style according to me:-

The best style for me would be democratic style of leadership. Here the leader is seen involving the members in decision making as well. In this type of leadership it helps not only the leader solve issues but also the team members improve themselves as they are also included in the big decision making processes.  This helps the members come up with their own ideas and suggestions to solve certain problems and increase their skill. They will storm their brains and think well in order to reach a very good conclusion.  Increase in their skill will help them become good leaders in the future as well. He or she will be able to lead a team with good confidence and take decisions as they have dealt with such problems in the past.


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8 thoughts on “Effective Leadership Style To Managing The Subordinates

  1. I would like to point out that your extract for an example form the book primal leadership is very interesting

  2. your styles of leadership and videos were good.. a little more bolstering on democratic would have been great.

  3. Your view and research on leadership styles are good and appreciable. But do you think democratic style of leadership alone can contribute success and accomplishment of organisational goals?

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