Diverse Teams Produce Better Results


Diversity in simple words mean difference. It has been noted that people do have a lot in common with each other but are unique in various ways. These various ways can be in terms of culture background work in style etc.  It has to be seen that these are well recognized and each individuals differences are understood well and embraced thus leading in creating a very productive workforce.

Diverse teams are understood to have produced better results throughout. A well understood and well maintained team is always a great success for accomplishing targets. They are known and seen to be producing results of higher quality.


Research conducted in various universities to find out if diverse teams create or produce better results have come out to be a great success. Prestigious institutions for example, Rutgers University had run a research on diverse workplace consisting of their staff from various races, backgrounds and ethnicity and it was seen that they performed well and came out with astonishing results compared to that of people working in groups of similar backgrounds.


The strengths of having a diverse team is mainly better ideas, and various thinking methods each person has acquired from their particular culture bringing in good and different information to the team in order to achieve their goals or complete a task. This not only lead to the improvement of the team but also helps in increasing an individuals experience and creativity as he or she is involved or engaged with colleagues from various culture and backgrounds thus helping them break down various problems and also making them aware of various cultures.

Work Place diversity is seen to be of good use in order to increase production. Workplace diversity increases employee morale. Increase in employee morale leads to increase in their efficiency and desire to perform well for the organization. Leadership diversity is a good way to bring new skills into the team as well as achieve unity if managed properly in the right manner.


How to create a very good diverse team

As from the point of view of a leader it is important to give the team space and time to take up certain decisions in their unique way. At times the process of innovation among a diverse team can be difficult and may turn messy. Hence it is sometimes better to leave the decision making to the team.

It is common nature for people with similar views and ideas to gravitate towards each other. In order to get the full benefits of diversity in a workplace, a shakeup at certain times is very necessary. This will always various ways for very good innovation to take root.

New ideas should always be welcome.  If a team senses that their ideas or ways of innovation are not welcome they will step back rather than putting themselves to utmost use. In an organization that has been stuck to its organizational old structures and values it might take time for the workers to feel comfortable in bringing out their skills and ideas. Praising the workers and giving them suggestion will help.


Diversity in a team goes through various ways. There are certain steps to be considered in order to have a very sound and well managed team.

  1. Forming: Here, in the process of forming, it is the basic ways of forming the team. Here in the team people are focused on meeting and assigning duties to one another on what should be done rather than causing problems or controversies. Here during the starting period they are bound to behave quite independently.
  2. Storming: Storming is one of the most important stages because by this time conflicts are bound to arise. Each and every team member must learn to tolerate the other or else if the situation goes out of control they are bound to fail.
  3. Norming:  By now the team has come up to a point of just achieving the goal. It might be necessary to give up ones ideas at times to keep the team going.
  4. Performing- The team is now efficiently achieving its targets in a very smooth way without conflicts. By the performing stage they are well motivated.

We have now seen why diverse teams are any day better. It’s not just the change in culture but also the ideas and ways that helps each other grow independently in order leading to a healthy and efficient organization.


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6 thoughts on “Diverse Teams Produce Better Results

  1. Your article covers all the aspects of diversity and is very clearly explained with all the aspects and models.

  2. while going through i have noticed that your explanation are cogent on the matters discussed and tuckmans model has been studied meticulously and diverse topics related are impressively amalgamated into one fine body, leaving very less space to any further amelioration. A very impressive work.

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